The Jewish Web

Here are links to sources of good information about Jews, Jewish Culture and Judaism which are likely to give reliable information.

The Movement for Reform Judaism has a very informative website with information about Reform Jewish communities and a wide range of topics of Jewish interest.

Liberal Judaism’s website has information about the Liberal Judaism denomination and its work. It contains information about Liberal Jewish Communities and material written by Liberal Rabbis on a range of topics.

The BBC website has stories and news concerning all manner of things Jewish and informative materials for Religious Studies in schools, some of which were written by our Rabbis.

Leo Baeck College is the private academic college where teachers and Rabbis are trained in the UK to serve Liberal, Reform and Masorti (Conservative) congregations in the UK and across the world. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Jewish Studies as well as other courses. It houses one of the largest Jewish libraries in Europe. The site contains informative information and comment from Rabbis and other Jewish contributors.

JPS, the Jewish Publication Society is the largest publisher of Jewish books in the world. Anything it publishes is of the highest standard. So many excellent books, so little time…

The Central Conference of American Rabbis is the umbrella organization for Reform Rabbis and has a publishing arm, the CCAR press. It publishes an extensive range of books of interest to anyone wanting to learn about Judaism.

The Encyclopaedia Britannica has for generations been a reliable source of information on virtually everything. The online version contains many well-written articles on Jewish history, culture and religion.

The UK’s oldest Jewish newspaper, the Jewish Chronicle has a very informative website with features on all aspects of Jewish life.

When looking at websites always ask ‘Who created this website’?

There is a great deal of material out there expressing very some distorted views.

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