Welcome to Sha'arei Shalom, North Manchester's Reform Synagogue.

We have been serving the Jewish population of North Manchester and surrounding districts for almost half a century.

We are excited to welcome you to our small but vibrant and friendly community.

Welcome to Sha’arei Shalom

We are a small, vibrant Reform congregation serving the North Manchester community. Based in Whitefield, we are close to the Metrolink station and the M60, attracting members from both near and far.

Our services are traditional within the framework of the Movement for Reform Judaism. These are taken by Rabbi Robert Ash and lay readers, both male and female.

In addition to Friday night and Saturday morning services, we also hold services for the Festivals and Holy Days. Our community is small and friendly, and we welcome visitors and new members of all ages and denominations.

Sha’arei Shalom values being part of the local community and endeavours to support local events and charities both Jewish and non-Jewish.

We are currently supporting Prestwich Street Kitchen. This started as a project for Mitzvah Day and we have continued to support them since. There is a box in the foyer for donations.


Jewish Life Cycles

Services for all of the Jewish life cycles can be conducted by our Rabbi, who will be happy to offer support and advice if requested.

  • Wedding Ceremonies

    We would be delighted to assist you in arranging your wedding. Our Rabbi, the Synagogue staff plus voluntary officers, such as the Secretary for Marriages, will work with you to make your important event a success.

  • Bar & Bat Mitzvahs

    The bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah ceremony is a child’s first public act of personal commitment to Judaism, an opportunity for them to demonstrate a mastery of the basic elements of the religion to their entire family.

  • Funeral & Stone Settings

    When someone close to us dies it is normal for us to experience heightened emotions and stress. At such a time, we may find ourselves called upon to take charge of the affairs of the deceased person.


What’s going on at Sha’arei Shalom?

This is the place on our website to keep checking up on, giving you tips and details coupled with any events that are happening in both the Synagogue and throughout the local area.

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