Your Visit to Sha’arei Shalom

Everyone is welcome to visit our synagogue.  We will try to offer guided visits for groups from schools or clubs and associations. These are usually done when there is no service being held.

Visitors are welcome at our services.

A frequently asked question about synagogue visits concerns what to wear.  Few synagogues impose a dress code, but as a guest, you would not wish to give offence. If in doubt, err on the side of ‘smart’. ‘Smart casual’ is accepted, modesty is recommended.  If you are a male visitor you will be expected to cover your head in the synagogue. Usually, a kippah will be offered to you. Women may wear a kippah if they wish, very few synagogues insist on it for women.

There are times in services when everyone stands, e.g. for certain prayers, when the Ark doors/curtains are open or the Torah is being processed. Most of the time the congregation will be seated.

Like many religious groups, Jews have rules about permitted and forbidden food. In order not to make a mistake it is best not to bring snacks, sweets or drinks into the synagogue.

Here at Sha’arei Shalom men and women sit together for services.

In some non-Jewish religious communities money may be collected during services. This does not happen in synagogues. If, after your visit, you wish to give a gift, a donation can be made. Our synagogue office will be happy to advise you.

One last thing… relax and enjoy your visit to our community.

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