Baby Blessings

It is a mitzvah to give a child a Hebrew name and it is customary to celebrate this lifecycle event by announcing the baby’s name in a community setting.

We can arrange for this ceremony to be a part of our regular services, usually on a Shabbat morning. The ceremony is held as soon after birth that the parents and child are able to safely attend events outside home. Generally, this is within about two months of the birth.

The ceremony is for all children and the parents or guardians will choose a Hebrew name which takes the form of a personal name (or more than one) for the child followed by ‘ben’ or ‘bat’, meaning ‘son of’ or ‘daughter of’ and then the names of the parent(s). Examples would be Elisheva bat Ruth v’Avraham or Daniel ben Yosef v’Sarah. Please feel free to consult our Rabbi regarding appropriate forms and the meaning of Hebrew names.

Note: A baby blessing is not a substitute for brit milah, but is an addition to that ceremony.

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